EZPLUCKER EZ-98 Stainless Steel Chicken Plucker in Review

Ever thought how yucky plucking a chicken is with all the blood oozing out from its body and getting smudged to your hands and clothes? Well, think again! You can save all the labor (and the blood from staining your clothes) with a chicken plucker defeather machine. The aim is simple- just put a regular whole chicken and it will come out naked in no time with all its feathers wiped clean. The “Ezplucker EZ-98 Stainless Steel Chicken Plucker Defeather Machine” does exactly what it is made for- strip chickens of their feathers!

Features to look out for

This entry-based model Chicken plucker is extremely powerful and will get your job real quick and hassle-free. Be it chicken, or any other meat like ducks, pheasants or small turkey, the machine will strip them naked in a matter of 10-30 seconds. Featuring a powerful motor of 4 HP and spinning at an astonishing 1700 RPM, this beast is clearly capable of carrying out the operation on 2 chickens at a time. The Dual Track Pulley system of the tub makes this machine a favorite one and gives it an added advantage.

The tub, measuring 21 inches in diameter, clearly does not run out of space, even when there are multiple chickens in it. The plucker measures 23W x 23Lx 38H and is made up of stainless steel, another reason to go for it. The stainless steel will not only prevent the machine from rust and oxidation, but the Steel Shaft Steel frame will also give the machine the durability that you would want at this price point. The machine is coated with rust-protect paint and a stainless steel plate, giving it additional protection from getting oxidized.

The presence of two water and feather discharge outlets makes sure that the surrounding remains clean and organized and not spilled with blood or feathers. In addition to it, the tub contains 95 ultra soft plucking fingers, which will get your job done easily.

Pros of the EZPLUCKER EZ-98 Stainless Steel Chicken Plucker

  • Makes the work of plucking chicken feather less tedious and hassle-free. The presence of 95 soft plucking fingers ensures that no additional labor is required to carry out the job. Extremely time saving and can pluck up to 2 chickens at a time.
  • Under its hood, there lies a 4 HP motor, the best in its class spinning at 1700 RPM. The prowess of the machine is really commendable and outruns all other machine at a similar price point.
  • The machine is coated with stainless steel and rust-protect paint, thus ensuring that your machine’s exterior keeps shining even when there is bloodshed inside. The stainless steel plate gives it additional protection from oxidation.

Stuff to look out for

Though stainless steel ensures that the machine shines on the exterior, but the cleaning and maintenance on the inside is extremely difficult and time consuming. Draining out all the remaining blood stains and gathering all the feathers and cleaning the inside can be a lot tedious.

The machine is extremely heavy weighing around 105 pounds and cannot be easily ported should you feel the need of it.

Our final thoughts

If you are looking for a plucker machine which can help you in the long run, you should definitely get your hands on this product. It will be a good one-time investment, saving you a lot of money which you would have otherwise spent on plucking and cutting the chicken.

EZPLUCKER EZ-98 Stainless Steel Chicken Plucker


9 Total Score

EZPLUCKER EZ-98 Plucker's 1700 RPM motor makes it one of the fastest chicken plucker in the market and it is recommended for anyone looking to pluck large number of chickens.

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