Find the Best Automatic Chicken Plucker for Sale 2018

When you want to buy any product on sale, you should be well-aware about the product so that you don’t get exploited by the store keepers. Any of the best chicken plucker for sale is no exception to this rule. You should know the exact purpose and uses of a chicken plucker machine for sale so that you can buy the right model that satisfies your requirements. Here is a brief guide that will help you in your purchasing process of chicken pluckers.

What is a chicken plucker?

A chicken plucker kit is a machine which helps you to pluck the feathers of a chicken within a matter of seconds so that you can save a great deal of time. When you try to do this process manually, it takes a great of a time, and you cannot achieve 100% perfection. The best part of a automatic chicken plucker for sale is that it can be used for small and big sized chicken, thus making your process fully automatic.

Today, you will be spoilt for choice when you set out to buy chicken pluckers because there are many manufacturers who sell their pluckers at attractive rates and features for you. Having a thorough knowledge about these machines is a must so that you can buy the size of plucker that exactly suits your budget and requirements. These pluckers are designed in such a way that the feathers are plucked quickly and thoroughly, without causing any injury to the birds. Keep in mind that any used chicken plucker for sale may be a great way for you to save money.

Some of the main drum chicken plucker parts are explained below:

  • Closed machine to prevent feathers from scattering outside during the de-feathering process
  • Grids to keep the birds in place when their feathers are being plucked
  • Well- ventilated and hygienic motors and discs
  • Cabinets to control temperature and air flow
  • Tilting Cabinets with provisions for fingers
  • Feather deflectors
  • Tensioner and plucker disc to prevent unnecessary accumulation of feathers and water into the machine

Some of the basic functions that are performed by chicken pluckers are:

  • Highly accurate and effective de-feathering, thanks to the effective technology used in these pluckers
  • Hygienic systems to clear the feathers as and when they are plucked
  • Highly efficient plucking speed
  • Extra-long and sharp fingers to remove feathers from the most critical parts of the bird’s body
  • Washer and dryer systems to remove feathers that have been missed out in the initial stages of plucking

Comparison Table

  • YardBird Chicken Plucker
  • -Type: Electric
  • -Weight: 83 lbs
  • -Material: Stainless Steel
  • -Voltage: 120V
  • User Rating: 4.5
  • -Type: Electric
  • -Weight: 135 lbs
  • -Material: Stainless Steel
  • -Voltage: 110V
  • User Rating: 4.2
  • 110v 60Hz Plucker
  • -Type: Electric
  • -Weight: 95 lbs
  • -Material: Stainless Steel
  • -Voltage: 110V
  • User Rating: 4.0
  • -Type: Electric
  • -Weight: 115 lbs
  • -Material: Stainless Steel
  • -Voltage: 110V
  • User Rating: 4.0

Types of Chicken Pluckers

Using the best chicken plucker for sale is an art; it speaks volumes about your presentation skills; therefore, you need to ensure that you use the right tools to pluck your chicken and other poultry. There are different kinds of pluckers available in the market today. All to suit your diverse requirements like size, type of poultry, processing capacity, the weight of birds and more. Here are some of the basic types of pluckers that you should be aware of:

  • First level of plucking
  • Pluckers for critical parts
  • Finishing pluckers

First level of plucking machines

These pluckers are used just after the scalding process. They form the basis for other plucking processes.  Pluckers at this level are quite aggressive because they need to remove as many feathers as possible from the bird. These attacking pluckers are technologically adept and are quite user-friendly. Since it is used for cleaning the initial mess of the birds. An attacking plucker is also conscious about hygiene and cleanliness. The birds are kept firmly in place, and the machines are temperature controlled to tackle all kinds of situations.

Pluckers for critical parts

These chicken pluckers are second level machines that used just after their aggressive counterparts. After the initial level, some feathers may be left out from critical body parts of the chicken. This is where these specialist picker pluckers come to your rescue. They operate with a high degree of speed and are known for their technological brilliance. The high-tech facilities of these pluckers help them to act on the critical body parts of the body without causing any injuries to the bird.

Finishing pluckers

As the name indicates, these are the pluckers that are used in the final stage of washing or cleaning the chicken. If there are any unwanted feathers remaining on the bird’s body after the two stages of plucking/de-feathering, they are then cleaned thoroughly using the finishing pluckers. These pluckers have long fingers so that all left out feathers are plucked completely.

The best chicken plucker for sale for different situations

Chicken pluckers are available in various sizes and specifications so that you can use them for different purposes. At times, you may require these pluckers to de-feather just one chicken. At other times, you may need them to de-feather three or more chicken at the same time. The technical specifications the pluckers will vary for both these situations.   Here are some of the types of pluckers that prove to be quite handy for you under various circumstances.

Quick plucking

Do you want to pluck at least 4 or 5 chickens within a matter of minutes? There are pluckers with close to at least 100 fingers on them that act quickly on the chickens that are placed in them. However, experts recommend that it is always better to de-feather chickens one at a time so that you can prevent injuries to their body. The chicken plucker fingers for sale in these pluckers are made from stainless steel; therefore they are highly durable and provide you good value for your money. These huge pluckers are not only great for plucking chickens, but also work effectively for de-feathering birds like turkey, guinea fowl, quails and other birds of the same size.

Budget friendly

If you are looking for a chicken feather plucker for sale that come in affordable price ranges, you will get small-sized pluckers for less than $50. These are cost effective but durable and reliable. Usually, these pluckers have ten fingers that are long and sharp. The highlight of these pluckers is that they work effectively on chicken, geese, duck, turkey, quail and the like.


Want to shift your chicken-plucking activity to another place that is comfortable for you? Here is a piece of good news for you. Now chicken pluckers are available with wheels and handles as well so that you can easily transport them to places of your choice and pluck your chickens without any hassles.


Are you looking for a multi-purpose kit where you can scald your chickens first so that their feathers can be plucked easily? There are many manufacturers who offer combo units for scalding and plucking in the same unit. The scalding unit is replete with heat control and light control settings. Birds are first inserted into the drain in this unit, and they are subjected to certain heat settings, due to which their feathers come off easily for the plucking. When you invest in this unit, you get to save a great deal of time.


Yardbird Chicken Plucker Review

The Yardbird Chicken Plucker is an efficient plucker which makes it easy for you to remove the chicken feathers effortlessly and easily.

It is a compact sized plucker and enables you to carry out your work effortlessly and conveniently. There is a nice arrangement for flushing out the feathers from the drum- which is the integrated irrigation ring along with garden hose connector. Apart from plucking the feathers, it also helps you to clean the body surface of the birds thanks to its rubber fingers. It also comes with an alloy-gear drive reduction system accompanied by a powerful electric motor.

The appliance is compact and easy to handle. The solid rubber wheels and ball bearings make it easier for you to transport the plucker. It is also an extremely powerful with 35 foot pounds of plucking torque.

The built-in irrigation system makes it easier for you to get rid of the feathers. The feather chute can be collected by placing a bucket beneath the plucker. It thus helps you to maintain hygiene and clean the flesh neatly and flawlessly.

The Yardbird Chicken Plucker is a powerful and easy-to-handle chicken plucker for sale which is easy to install and offers great functionality. Most of the users have been happy to use it and have highly recommended the product in the different review sites. Buy it to undress your chicken in the best way!



EZPLUCKER EZ-151 Stainless Steel Chicken Plucker Review

The EZPlucker EZ151 is an electric plucking machine which can be used for a neat as well as swift de-feathering of poultry birds such as turkey, chicken, ducks and pheasants. Its high-power motor enables you to dress two to four chickens simultaneously.

It operates at a power of 110V and 1700 rpm. The dimensions of the tub are 23W x 23L x 38H. The stainless steel tub is coated with a rust-protective material and is thus less prone to erosion unlike the metal ones. The machine is thus a durable one and can withstand the hot water which is poured into it for the purpose of cleaning.

There are 129 ultra – soft plucking fingers which help in de-feathering the chicken neatly and with precision.  It will take you hardly 10-30min to dress the chicken using the plucker. It also gets the birds beaten up and their legs broken and makes your pre – cooking process easier.

The plucker is conveniently priced and it is available at Amazon. It looks aesthetic with spray-painted welds.  It is not that good at plucking multiple chickens together and may cause the skin to rip off at places. Much like any whizbang chicken plucker for sale, you can be sure this will be money well spent.

The EZPlucker EZ151 chicken plucker for sale is a handy tool to dress chicken at your farm or household. You can use it to get clean chicken pieces within no time. It is thus preferred by a number of customers. If you too are interested in getting a good chicken plucker, this one can definitely be your choice. This by far the best chicken plucker for the money you can buy. We highly recommend.



110v 60hz Chicken Plucker Machine Review

The 110V, 60Hz Chicken Plucker Machine by Chicken Pluckers is a stainless steel plucker that can defeather a variety of birds such as turkey, pheasants and quails within seconds.

It comes with a heavy-duty motor that can defeather as many as four chickens at a time and this reduces your precious time at work. There are numerous fingers present for defeathering purposes. The entire process is carried on in two steps- keeping the chickens in boiling water and then using the fingers for the purpose of de-feathering.

The plucker is compact and light-weight and can be carried from one place to the other quite easily. It is sturdy at the same time and can last for years. It is quite efficient in its work and can remove the feathers fast enough. What would take 10-15 minutes of time takes just 5 minutes with this plucker. It is available at an affordable price at Amazon.

The plastic warp can cause problems and it would have been better if the manufacturers removed it during assembly. This is not an industrial chicken plucker, so keep that in mind.

Summary of the 60Hz Chicken Plucker

The 110V, 60Hz Chicken Plucker Machine by Chicken Pluckers provides a great way to pluck chicken feathers within no time. It is easy-to-operate and lasts long. Its ability to de-feather four chickens at a time is praise-worthy and it can thus be a great addition to your kitchen!



EZPLUCKER EZ-131 Chicken Plucker Stainless Steel Review

If you are looking for the ideal de-feather tool for all your poultry birds such as ducks, pheasants and chicken, EZPLUCKER EZ-131 chicken plucker is the one for you.

This electric de-feather operates at a power of 1700 rpm and can remove all the feathers within a short time duration of 10-30 seconds. You can dress two or three chickens at the same time, thanks to the high-tech design. There are as many as 117 ultra-soft plucking fingers to increase the efficiency of plucking. This unit also supports an easy clean up as it has a four wheels steel frame coated with a rust-protective paint.

The plucker removes all the feathers in a quick and effective manner, without bruising the body of the chicken. Also very simple to use and does its de-feathering job in a hassle-free manner. It is also a very powerful plucker which does not take much time to perform its job.

There are a few things which are needed to be improved on the part of the manufacturer. Such as the irrigating host that needs a better support and the angle of the drilled holes need to be changed. It would have been great if there was a lever to switch on or off the irrigating host.

The EZPLUCKER EZ-131 chicken plucker is one of the best chicken pullers of the time. There are a few negatives which can be ignored in comparison to the positives it offers.



Factors to consider when buying a chicken plucker

We already explained that there are many types of chicken pluckers. Therefore, it is very important to invest in the right model so that your hard-earned money doesn’t go waste and your birds don’t get affected. If you own a poultry business, the way you pluck the feathers of your birds plays a big role in attracting clients. When a bird is plucked neatly, professionally and hygienically, it attracts a lot of buyers. Hence, ensure that you choose the right kind of plucker to do the job for you. Here are some points that you need to keep in mind when choosing chicken pluckers:

Type of bird

Are you looking for pluckers that de-feather chickens only or do you want your pluckers to be compatible with many other similar sized birds like quails, geese, ducks, etc.? This is an important question that you need to ask yourself before buying a plucker. If you want your machine to pluck feathers for all kinds of poultry, its fingers should be long, sharp and equidistant from each other.


The speed in which you want your plucking process needs to be done. This decides the size of chicken plucker for sale that you have to invest in. If you want to buy only one chicken at a time, you can buy small sized pluckers with about ten to 12 fingers. However, if you are looking quick and accurate plucking of at least four chickens within minutes, you should invest in a bigger plucker. Nowadays, you will find pluckers with over a 100 fingers, so that they can accommodate the birds.

Space constraints

Check your outdoor space or farm to decide on the exact space that you have for keeping your chicken pluckers. You should then proceed to buy only pluckers that fit in size available. Keeping oversized pluckers in small farms can make the entire ambience look claustrophobic. Therefore, choose pluckers that go well into the space that you have. You have to take space measurements very carefully before you invest in these pluckers.


Chicken pluckers start from about less than $50, and they can go up to thousands of dollars. Therefore, have a clear idea about the price that you are willing to allocate for this purpose. Never get overwhelmed at the features of high-end pluckers and overshoot your budget. Always choose pluckers that you are within your affordability levels.

What to avoid when buying a chicken plucker

A good chicken plucker for sale will help you to remove all the feathers from your birds neatly. Without causing any physical damage to the bird. These machines are powered by sophisticated technology which gives them the speed and accuracy to pluck feathers of birds within minutes. When this process is done manually, it takes a lot of time to remove feathers, and manual work is prone to errors.

Therefore, choosing the right type of plucker is very important for you. A small mistake here can cause a lot of mess for you. Here are some of the common mistakes that you need to avoid when you choose chicken pluckers.

Not giving importance to the number of birds that you need to pluck

Before investing in a plucker, you should have a clear idea on the number of chickens that you have currently or that you plan to add in your business in the future. When you choose a small-sized plucker that has just about 10 or 12 fingers, they are apt for plucking feathers of only one bird at a time. If you have a huge business and want to pluck about 4 to 5 birds at a time, you must invest in bigger pluckers that have around 100 fingers. If you make a mistake in the size of the plucker, the entire purpose of investing in one gets defeated.

Focusing only on the cost

You must always remember that you only get what you paid for. Always compare the cost of the pluckers about the other features like technology, some fingers, durability, reliability, portability and other factors.  When you have a big business, you have to naturally opt for bigger machines. As they can serve you in a better way. Investing in small plucker just because it comes cheap can be a huge blunder because it can affect your productivity to a large extent.

Final thoughts

Chicken pluckers are de-feathering machines that make your job much easier. Plucking the feathers in the right way is very important for the presentation and profitability of your poultry business. Therefore, you need to analyse the various plucking solutions available in the market and then choose the one that is most suitable for you, based on your purpose and budget constraints.  While there are lots of chicken pluckers available in the market, you will need to pick only those that are suitable for your business requirements.

Any drum chicken plucker are user-friendly and come with adjustable heights and other settings. You can also upgrade your existing machine with wheels and handles. So that you can move it to wherever you want to and carry on with your activity of plucking. Check various reviews to understand how pluckers work and what users have to say about them. Before putting your hard-earned money in them.